MONAD does something that no other clock or calendar does; it tells the planetary time and date – the solar day, lunar month & seasonal year. MONAD reveals your unique place (and perspective) in planet-centered space and time. MONAD demonstrates the biorhythms of the Earth’s biosphere, and it integrates two types of time: 1) Natural time, which is cyclic, variable, and alive, with 2) Mechanical time, which is linear, highly regular and artificial. MONAD’s Event Manager is based on the principles of chronobiology, and allows you to easily and thoroughly document personal events (both health & regular events) in the context of important and memorable planetary events we all share. MONAD represents a paradigm shift of planetary proportions.

With MONAD, you see the natural rhythms of time­ proceeding in endless circles and spirals. MONAD shows the location of the stars and planets; what’s visible at night from your location on Earth. MONAD shows the progression of the four seasons and the phases of the Moon; the obliquity of the ecliptic and the Earth’s circle of illumination, and a Twilight Dial tells you the time of Sun rise and Sun set at any latitude and time of year. MONAD shows the agricultural biorhythms of the Earth’s photosynthetic biosphere. MONAD restores the Earth, and the Earth’s biosphere, back to the center of our collective attention and awareness.

With MONAD you see the Earth globe from an unusual perspective; the north (or south) polar axial perspective. MONAD automatically places a time zone-spanning Hour Hand at your location on the globe, marking your longitude & latitude, and you see all 24 time zones, all around the globe at the same time, the whole world interconnected.

MONAD has four main Modes of operation. Geocentric (Geo) Mode features planet Earth at the center of a time and date-telling, 3-dimensional celestial ring. The algorithms and programming which drives all of the planetary and astronomical activity is based on a Sun-centered and highly accurate model of the solar system which you can access in Heliocentric (Helio) Mode. Accelerate through time, into the past or future, and watch the configuration of the solar system change, as you shift back and forth from Geo to Helio Modes. It’s easy to see how the two perspectives are related. It’s easy to see how and why the planets have apparent retrograde activity from an Earth-centered perspective. There is so much to explore and learn in MONAD.

Astro Mode features a 2-dimensional Calendar-Clock face, which makes it possible to set the time by dragging the hour hand around the dial, or you can set the date by dragging the calendar band, or zodiac band, past the Sun’s meridian or date indicator fixed at noon at the top of the dial. A Table at the top of the screen lists the precise location of the Sun, Moon and planets at any time and date, so basically this Astro screen is equivalent to an astronomy or astrology chart, at any moment in time. Astro Mode will eventually feature a Scientific Astrology Program and an Educational Astronomy Program, the likes of which you have never seen before.

Event Mode is where you record and schedule personal events, in the context of important and memorable planetary events we all share. Color-coded Event Wedges are shown in the context of the 4 corners of a solar day (Sun rise, noon, Sun set & midnight), the 4 corners of a lunar month (full and dark Moon, waxing and waning half Moons), and the 4 corners of a seasonal year (spring equinox, summer solstice, fall equinox and winter solstice). MONAD is the ultimate memory enhancement device. Another unique feature of MONAD is that you can record events “in the Now,” which encourages more presence in your life.

And there is a Health Event Mode which allows you to see your personal, endocrine biorhythms in the context of planetary biorhythms we all share. The 24 hour circadian Calendar-Clock face of MONAD is ideally suited to organize and display health events. If you choose to have MONAD integrate with the Apple Health app (HealthKit); then health data (e.g. Sleep period and Steps) read from HealthKit is used for display within the MONAD app.

MONAD offers a paradigm shift of planetary proportions; A New Paradigm of Time. MONAD is beautiful, educational and transformative, and it will change the way you see the world around you, and your place within it.

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