Book: Introducing: Monadic Space-Time and the Calendar-Clock. By Keith Whitten, M.D.

Written and illustrated by Keith Whitten.  © 2013. Revised edition July 2015. Printed on demand by CreateSpace. $19.95. For those of you wanting to know the history and development of the Calendar-Clock, how and why it works, this is the book for you. Only 90 pages long. Five color illustrations.

Table of Contents:
A brief history of space and time.
The axial perspective.
The moon phase indicator.
The sun fixed at 12.
Monadic space-time.
Axial precession.
Predicting eclipses.
The future of space-time.


Or, check out a series of 6 Videos, produced in 2014, explaining the book:

Introducing the Calendar-Clock, Parts 1 – 6.