Introducing the Calendar-Clock (2014)

These videos were produced back in October 2014, shortly after the first edition of my book (Introducing: Monadic Space-Time and the Calendar-Clock) was published. I recommend reading the book but if for whatever reason that is not an option then you can at least check out these videos where I talk about and show you what’s inside the book.

This was also right after the first two year Animation of the Calendar-Clock was produced by Jim Rodney. That animation is shown for the first time in Part 5. These videos were filmed by Don Williams. A year later (2015) I filmed another series of 4 videos on the subject of Scientific Astrology.

Introducing the Calendar-Clock, Part 1. This is the first video in a series of 6 videos introducing the Calendar-Clock. This video explains the importance of the axial perspective, and describes how and where to locate the Hour Hand.

Introducing the Calendar-Clock, Part 2. The Author explains some basic astronomy terms and principles which will help you better understand how to read the date on a Calendar-Clock.

Introducing the Calendar-Clock, Part 3. The Author will show you how, and why, to Fix the Sun at 12, and how that turns the Earth-centered solar system into the 3-dimensional face of a Calendar-Clock.

Introducing the Calendar-Clock, Part 4. The Author shows you how to extract the most information out of a Calendar-Clock, focusing on two impressive posters, the most up to date version of the Calendar-Clock.

Introducing the Calendar-Clock, Part 5. In this video you will see two years of activity compressed into a 72 second animation of a 3-D monadic, space-time Calendar-Clock.

Introducing the Calendar-Clock, Part 6. The Author discusses the future of monadic space-time and the Calendar-Clock, including his hope to some day offer the Calendar-Clock as an app, which you can now (6 years later) download from the App Store.