Planetary Calendar-Clock App

A New Paradigm of Time.

MONAD – Because Time is of the Essence.

  • MONAD does something that no other clock or calendar does; it tells planetary time and date – the solar day, lunar month & seasonal year.
  • MONAD reveals your unique place (and perspective) in planet-centered space & time.
  • MONAD’s Event Manager is based on the principles of chronobiology, and allows you to easily and thoroughly document personal events (both health & regular events) in the context of important and memorable planetary events we all share.
  • MONAD demonstrates the biorhythms of the Earth’s biosphere.
  • MONAD integrates two types of time: 1) Natural time, which is cyclic, variable, and alive, with 2) Mechanical time, which is linear, highly regular and artificial.
  • (The MONAD Stage 2 Prototype is only available in iOS for now; only 99¢.)

What People Are Saying About MONAD:

“Fantastic and unique / I’ve never even heard of this approach to our place in the heavens – so to speak – much less seen it visualized so beautifully and usefully. Wonderful.” – App reviewed by dougtruth

“The logical and clear way in which you have explained and developed MONAD has brought about a turning point in my personal interest in our wonderful celestial sphere. My first journal entry in your extraordinary MONAD app was one of gratitude.” – Francois Stander, South Africa

“How come no one ever thought of this before? Earth with an hour hand. It seems so obvious once you see it. This App needs a bit more work but it’s going to be amazing. In fact, what it already does is amazing.” – Albert Schwarzer, Colorado, USA

How Does MONAD Compare To The Competition?

MONAD doesn’t really have much competition. Maybe the closest thing to MONAD out there is this ancient astronomical calendar-clock that was installed in the Old Town Hall in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, in 1410. Our understanding of physics, astronomy and the solar system has advanced incredibly since then and the MONAD Calendar-Clock app presents a modern and much more sophisticated version of the Prague Calendar-Clock.

Left side: 610 year old Astronomical Calendar-Clock, located in Prague.
Right side: Brand new MONAD Calendar-Clock app, in your pocket.

One of the most impressive difference between PRAGUE and MONAD is that MONADfeatures a three dimensional celestial ring, showing both the signs of the zodiac on the outside of the celestial ring and the constellations on the inside of the celestial ring. Like PRAGUE, MONAD shows the location and phase of the Moon, but it also shows the location of all the other planets in the solar system.

All of this astronomical activity is extremely accurately displayed, including when the planets move retrograde. The stars and planets are just where MONAD says they are, at any time and date. MONAD can rapidly shift backwards and forward in time, (and back and forth between geocentric and heliocentric perspectives), all while accurately representing the changing configuration of the solar system; the Sun, Moon, planets & stars.

But the biggest difference of all is in size and price. The PRAGUE Calendar-Clock is so big it has to be installed in a large building, and it is priceless. In comparison, MONAD is small enough to fit in your pocket, and it only cost 99¢ to download.