Planet Earth: An Insane Asylum Run by the Inmates.

Surely there must be some way to stop all these insane people from destroying the biosphere. 5150 refers to the California law code for the temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness. It has been more generally applied to people who are considered threateningly unstable or “crazy.”

Well, as far as I’m concerned, that describes the vast majority of people living on this planet. I mean, does anyone else feel like the whole planet is an insane asylum run by the inmates? That our leaders in politics are insane? That our laws are insane? That our priorities are insane? That our treatment of much of society is insane? And especially that our treatment of the biosphere; the staggering amounts of pollution and the ongoing destruction and toxic poisoning of the Earth’s ecosystem is insane.

We all depend on Earth’s predominantly plant-based biosphere for our survival, individually and as a species. We are all part of the biosphere. To not actively identify with the biosphere which supports and gives meaning to our lives is insane. To participate in the destruction of the biosphere is insane. To not actively protest the ongoing destruction and pollution of the biosphere is insane. Injure the biosphere and you are injuring yourself, and others. And not just other people. Our modern society is threatening all other living organisms, which contribute to the biodiversity that is so important for maintaining organic life. This should be clear to everyone living on this planet, but for some reason it’s not.

Someone considered to be a danger to themselves or others is placed on a 5150, and sent to a psychiatric hospital for a 72 hour hold. If they can convince the Staff that they are no longer a danger to themselves or others, then they can be released in less than 3 days. If at the end of 3 days, they still can’t convince anyone that they are not a threat to themselves or others, then they can be placed on an extended hold for 14 days, called a 5250. And if after 2 weeks they still are considered to be a danger to themselves or others, they should be held indefinitely.

The problem is, we don’t have nearly enough room to hold what appears to be the vast majority of the population, which is passively and in some cases actively contributing to the ongoing destruction of the biosphere. I read the other day that most “civilized” people spend about 92% of their time indoors, surrounded by an artificial environment which is mostly dead. Houses made of dead wood, cement and drywall, rocks and brick. Heated in the winter, air conditioned in the summer. And instead of walking from here to there we mainly drive, inside mechanical vehicles that spew more pollution, and are also climate controlled with heating and air conditioning. We spend our time hunting and gathering in grocery stores and department stores. The biosphere is purely an abstraction for most of us. And so is true mental health.

Identification with the Biosphere is the Only Real Sanity.

We think we’re mentally healthy because we are doing what everyone else is doing in society, but our society is in fact mentally ill. Identification with the biosphere is the only real sanity. Caring for all living beings is the only real sanity. Biodiversity of all living beings is an essential element of life.

We are killing the biosphere. We’re killing ourselves and each other and potentially all the other species making up the biosphere. Plants and animals, insects, fungi and all the other mostly invisible but essential elements of biology need to be protected. It’s our job to take care of this biosphere; not to exploit it. Identity with the biosphere (I am that) is our only way back to sanity. That means getting out in nature. The biosphere is another name for nature. Everyone lives in cities and inside houses and other buildings so we don’t have to deal with nature, but we are part of nature and to disconnect yourself deliberately from nature is foolish and dangerous and insane.

And this is where the MONAD Calendar-Clock comes into the picture. MONAD demonstrates natural, biological time. MONAD is a three dimensional model of planet Earth at the center of a time- and date-telling celestial sphere. MONAD is a model of wholeness and a model of life, of nature. It is a model of the Hearth chakra of the living solar system. From the MONAD perspective, you see how the planet’s three-phase hydrosphere and atmosphere can be divided into four quadrants, equivalent to the four chambers of a heart. (See Heart Planet of Solar System.)

We’ve been looking at everything wrong––distorted. Why not look at the Earth from the axial perspective, the one perspective which allows you to also tell the time and date, using a naturally placed temporal coordinate system? And look at the Earth as part of a system, connected to the Sun and Moon, and even the stars and planets. The Earth is not alone, and it’s not disconnected from the solar system. Nothing is truly disconnected from anything else.

We Are All Mutually Interdependent.

We love to pretend that we are alone. “I did this.” It’s never true. You’ve never been alone and you never will be. You’ve never accomplished anything by yourself. We are all mutually interdependent. We feel disconnected from everyone and everything because we have artificially (abstractly) disconnected the Earth from the living solar system. Traditional Gaia theory talks about the Earth as an organism, but it’s not an organism so much as an organ system in the body of the solar system. You can’t take the heart out of the body without killing the body and the heart. And you can’t take the Earth out of the solar system, and think of it as a disconnected entity all by itself, without killing the Earth (we’re working on it) and the living solar system it is a part of.

When you see how the solar system is alive and the Earth is the Heart chakra or heart planet of the living solar system, then it’s easy to identify with the biosphere which is the living Earth, and we individual humans are tiny but essential parts of the solar system. And from another perspective, we are the solar system which is made up of an infinite number of beings, including one with your name, and that individual focus of consciousness you think of as your self resides somewhere along the base of the Hour Hand of MONAD, which models an infinite number of centers (monads) of living consciousness.

If all this sounds crazy to you then you probably didn’t make it this far in your reading. What’s truly crazy is to not identify with the biosphere and the living solar system whose “heart planet” is planet Earth. So if you’ve read this far then you probably agree with me and identify with the biosphere. Good! We need as many non-crazy people as we can find, to try and spread this awareness to all your crazy friends and relatives who are no doubt looking for sanity even if they don’t know it. We’ve gotta stop them from slowly committing biospheric suicide and killing all the non crazy people and animals and insects in the process. We need to find some way to actively stop those that are doing the most damage, in as non-violent a way as possible, but recognizing that the biological Calendar-Clock is ticking, just like the beating of your heart.