MONAD, Stage 2.

MONAD Stage 2 programming was all about translating the three dimensional Calendar-Clock into a two dimensional Calendar-Clock face. A flat, 2-D celestial ring (consisting of the Zodiac Band and the Calendar Band) makes it possible to set the time by dragging the Hour Hand past the number dial or set the date by dragging the Calendar Band past the date indicator or solar meridian. Setting up gestural controls was a big part of Stage 2 programming.

There’s not a lot of space on a phone screen and every fraction of an inch is extremely valuable. All four Modes need to be accessible, and smooth transitions from one Mode to the next are important. Making it possible to create events “in the Now” was more challenging than anticipated.

MONAD, Stage 2, the Prototype.

(Available for download Now)

MONAD Stage 2, the Prototype, was uploaded to the App Store September 31, 2019 and is currently available for download. It features both 2D & 3D Planetary Calendar-Clocks, with four main Modes: Helio, Geo, Astro & Event.

Event mode is operational; you can create and edit both Health events and regular, scheduled events. You can record events in the Now. MONAD Stage 2 is not even close to fully functional, but it’s got a lot of subtle and amazing features and hints at a lot more to come.

We can’t wait to start Stage 3 Programming.