The MONAD App; for Personal & Planetary Health.

MONAD does something that no other clock or calendar does; it tells planetary time and date – the solar day, lunar month & seasonal year. MONAD reveals your unique place (and perspective) in planet-centered space & time. MONAD demonstrates the biorhythms of the Earth’s biosphere, and it integrates two types of time: 1) Natural time, which is cyclic, variable, and alive, with 2) Mechanical time, which is linear, highly regular and artificial. MONAD represents a paradigm shift of planetary proportions.

Go ahead. Download the MONAD App, Stage 2, the Prototype. It’s only 0.99¢. (Only available for iPhone and iPad for now, but if you don’t have an iPhone, you can play with the MONAD Web Version for free.)

The MONAD Stage 2 App has many Useful & Amazing Features:

  • MONAD is a highly accurate and dynamic model of planet Earth At The Center of a time & date-telling celestial sphere. The celestial sphere reveals the biological nature of planet Earth. It’s what we’ve always used to measure the planetary, photosynthetic biorhythms (solar day, lunar month & seasonal year) which drive the agricultural activity of plants that make animal life and human society possible.
  • The MONAD Event Manager allows you to easily and thoroughly document personal events (both health and regular events) in the context of important and memorable planetary events we all share.
  • Stage 3 programming (Coming Soon) will complete the MONAD Health Event Mode, based on the principles of Chronobiology, allowing you to record and display your personal biorhythms and other health events in the context of planetary biorhythms we all share.
  • Allows you to record events “in the Now,” which encourages more presence in your life.
  • Integrates geocentric & heliocentric perspectives.
  • Integrates astronomical & astrological perspectives.
  • Shows both digital and planetary, time and date.
  • Offers both 2D & 3D planetary calendar-clocks.
  • Restores the Earth, and the Earth’s biosphere, back to the center of our collective attention and awareness.
  • MONAD also makes possible a remarkable story, about how planet Earth is not so much an organism (Gaia) as it is an organ system, functioning as the heart, lungs and digestive system of a living solar system; a cosmic-scale, never-before-described photosynthetic organism (MetaGaia).
  • MONAD is beautiful, educational and transformative.

Health Event Mode based on Chronobiology.

According to Wikipedia, “Chronobiology is a field of biology that examines periodic (cyclic) phenomena in living organisms and their adaptation to solar- and lunar-related rhythms.” Chronobiology has made significant contributions to the development of medicine in recent years. The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael Young for discovering the molecular basis of the circadian (solar day) rhythm.

One of our Stage 3 programming goals is to turn MONAD Health Event Mode into an essential tool for studying chronobiological processes and their various dietary, exercise and medical interventions. MONAD also meets the needs of alternative health practitioners; even untrained individuals will benefit simply by keeping a “Chronobiological Health Journal.”

Health Event Mode allows a User to create 4 color-coded categories of Health Events associated with the four elements: EARTH is green (Sleep), WATER is blue (Eat), AIR is purple (Move) and FIRE is red (Think). Sleep & Eat are associated with parasympathetic activities; Move & Think are associated with sympathetic activities. As such, the organization of color-coded Health Event Wedges placed around the number dial, based on the rhythmic re-occurrence of various Health Events, describes various biorhythms. Your personal, animal biorhythms are shown in the context of planetary biorhythms (the solar day, lunar month and seasonal year). This parallel display of personal and planetary events allows you to align your personal life with the life of the planet, which is important if you want to achieve real, long-lasting health.

Make a Record of your Life (an Archive).

The MONAD Prototype already allows you to easily and thoroughly document your day-to-day, hour-to-hour experience, expanding infinitely on the digital record of an event, capturing the “quality” of an event.  The MONAD Event Manager allows you to schedule events in the future, record events in the present, recall events in the past and edit events at any time. This includes both Health events and regular, scheduled, calendar events.  Event wedges are displayed in the context of the all-important 4 corners of a solar day (Sun rise, noon, Sun set & midnight), the 4 corners of a lunar month (waning half Moon, dark Moon, waxing half Moon, full Moon), and the 4 corners of a seasonal year (spring equinox, summer solstice, fall equinox & winter solstice). Health data (like Steps and Sleep times) can be imported from the Apple Health app (HealthKit) and used for display within the Monad app. MONAD allows you to see your personal events and schedule in the context of planet-centered space

The MONAD Event Manager will allow you to create complex event records that can be easily searched and summarized, easily linking text messages, phone calls, photos and videos, digital purchases, interactions with various friends, employers and business accounts, etc. MONAD will appeal to anyone who wants to organize their life and business and create a well-ordered and easily searchable accumulation of event records (an archive). Organize your life like never before. MONAD will help you achieve your goals, de-clutter your mind and greatly enhance your memory and productivity.

Explore Planet-Centered Space & Time.

Have you ever seen the Earth globe with an hour hand before? Here you see Earth at the center of a time- and date-telling celestial sphere. Find your unique place in space and time. The tiny green sphere at the base of the Hour Hand (GPS located) marks your precise location (longitude and latitude). You see all 24 time zones, all around the globe. Notice the unusual (axial) orientation: The north (or south) pole of Earth (the axis) is at the center; the outside edge is the equator. Viewing the northern hemisphere, the Earth spins in a counter clock wise direction; viewing the southern hemisphere, the Earth spins clockwise. The Earth spins in an eastward direction once every 24 hours relative to the Sun, “fixed at 12” (or 13 in Daylight Savings Time.)

Learn all about time zones, day light savings, how latitude and time of year influences the time of Sun rise and Sun set.  Learn about the ecliptic and the nature of the signs of the zodiac and how they are related to the constellations of the same name. Learn about precession of the nodes and solar and lunar eclipses, and how and why the planets sometimes appear to move retrograde through the constellations marking the ecliptic. MONAD clearly demonstrates how the Sun-centered, heliocentric model (Helio Mode) and the Earth-centered, geocentric model (Geo Mode) are related. MONAD integrates the astronomical perspective with the astrological perspective.

MONAD:  Not Just Better.  Infinitely Better.

The Sun may be the gravitational center of the solar system, but Earth is the center of space and time as we know it. MONAD restores the Earth, and the Earth’s rhythmic biosphere, back to the center of our collective attention, and re-introduces a most important archetypal model of wholeness: Earth At The Center of a time & date-telling celestial sphere. The celestial sphere is an essential conceptual container for the living biosphere of planet Earth, whose photosynthetic bio-rhythms of life (the solar day, lunar month & seasonal year) are clearly demonstrated and measured by this Planetary Calendar-Clock. These are planetary, photosynthetic biorhythms, involving the variable distribution of light from the Sun and Moon to a predominantly plant-based biosphere which makes our human lives possible.

There is so much more to time than just numbers on a dial. MONAD is not just a little bit better than your average clock and calendar. MONAD is infinitely better. There’s nothing else even remotely like MONAD. We’re just getting started, but the MONAD Prototype is already useful and effective and it’s easy to learn how to use it if you just play with the Prototype and read through this website.

Menu Items

Regarding the Menu at the top of the page, THE MONAD APP offers useful information about MONAD, including a description of the 4 main Modes of Operation (Helio & Geo Modes, Astro & Event Modes) and also the 4 stages in the development of the MONAD app. The first 2 stages have already been completed, resulting in the Prototype. Stage 3 will complete the Event Manager, including Health Event Mode; with a description of what it will look like and how it will operate, and Stage 4 is so amazing I hesitate to even talk about it.

Under VIDEOS you will find a series of short (5 – 10 minute) screen-recording MONAD Videos, originally released on Facebook, made by Dr. Whitten, demonstrating the operation of the Stage 2 MONAD app, the Prototype. There are also two series of videos Dr. Whitten made before the MONAD app was completed (back in 2014 and 2015). Introducing the Calendar-Clock is a series of 6 videos, based on his book Monadic Space-Time and the Calendar-Clock. Scientific Astrology is a series of 4 videos, based on the significance of planetary magnetospheres. The most recent video, PRAGUE vs. MONAD, is a 15 minute documentary on the history and development of planetary Calendar-Clocks.

Under ARTICLES you will find a selection of writing having to do with chronobiology and the planetary biosphere. Also various articles on the development and history of the planetary Calendar-Clock, and a book written by Dr. Whitten, describing the history and science behind the MONAD App.