Biosphere Blindness: Diagnosis & Cure.

For the past 25 years my main job has been doing psychiatric disability evaluations for Social Security. I’ve done over 10,000 of them. Over the course of this experience (and life in general) I have developed certain theories. I believe that a very large proportion of our modern society is suffering from a debilitating condition I have diagnosed as Biosphere Blindness. This is not a metaphor or joke. This condition is a disorder of perception, but its symptoms manifest as disordered, in fact dangerous, antisocial behavior.

Let me explain what I mean by a perceptual disorder. One fairly common and well undersood perceptual disorder is color blindness. One in 14 men have red – green color blindness. They can’t see red or green and they wouldn’t even know they existed if people able to see these colors didn’t tell them about it. They are missing a molecular light-receptor in their eyes which would otherwise allow them to see the particular wavelengths of light involved. If you are color blind, you can still drive safely but instead of the traffic lights being color-coded, you have to think of the lights as being positionally-coded. Top light (green) means go, bottom light (red) means stop.

More rare include speech perception disorders, where you can hear sounds but not make sense of words. It’s important to understand that perception is not a passive process of detecting “what is out there.” Perception is shaped by learning, memory (or personal history), expectation and attention. Individuals with Biosphere Blindness can’t adequately perceive the biosphere and wouldn’t even know it existed if people able to see the biosphere didn’t tell them about it. They can’t see the wholeness of the biosphere because the primary model of wholeness (the celestial sphere) is “missing.” Actually it’s not missing. It’s right there if you can see it. But before you can see it you have to find it or at least have it pointed out to you. And that’s not easy to do because the celestial sphere is essentially ignored and considered to be somehow wrong or suspect since the time of Copernicus.

I don’t recall ever seeing a single celestial sphere in 21 years of formal schooling, and it never occurred to me that you could order one over the internet until about 7 years ago (2013) when I finally checked online and ordered my first high quality, transparent plastic celestial sphere from a scientific instrument store. How exciting it was to open that box and examine an Earth globe at the center of a celestial sphere. I applied pin striping tape to mark the celestial equator, the ecliptic and the north and south ends of the celestial ring, along with the 12 zodiac blocks which mark the 12 analog months of a seasonal year.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the celestial sphere. Earth at the center of the celestial sphere is an essential model of wholeness, with its projected celestial coordinate system making it a key component of a time and date-telling Calendar-Clock. The celestial sphere is a mathematical object with a mathematical surface. It happens to be in motion (carried by the Earth as it orbits the Sun) but like a gyroscope, the Earth’s massive angular momentum provides it with a fixed orientation in galactic space, meaning the coordinate system projected on the celestial sphere remains fixed in space relative to the background of the stars even while the Earth is moving in orbit around the Sun.

I have modified the celestial sphere without changing the celestial coordinate system which is applied relative to the spinning axis of Earth. I have “cut off” (or made invisible) the north and south ends of the celestial sphere, so you can see both an inside and outside surface of the celestial sphere, the so called celestial ring. I have also given the celestial ring a fixed but variable diameter of two time the distance from the center of the Earth to the center of the Sun. So the Sun is by definition always located somewhere on the surface of the celestial ring, and somewhere along the ecliptic, which is one of the two main coordinate circles (the other is the celestial equator) marked on the surface of the celestial ring. The circle of the ecliptic is tilted 23.5º relative to the celestial equator, and where the two circles intersect on the celestial sphere mark the two equinoctial nodes, which are used to mark and measure the beginning and middle of a seasonal year, starting at the spring equinox. By definition, a celestial meridian passing through the ascending equinoctial node marks 0º right ascension on the celestial coordinate system.

But the celestial sphere is more than just a useful mathematical surface on to which to project a coordinate system used to mark the location of celestial objects, and tell the planetary time and date. The celestial sphere is also a conceptual container for the biosphere. The biosphere is of course a planetary phenomena, in fact a cosmic phenomena. The biosphere can be defined as the global ecological system integrating all living beings, plants and animals, their relationships and the atmosphere they help generate, including the interaction with elements of the lithosphere, geosphere, 3-phase hydrosphere and magnetosphere, extending all the way out to include lunar, tidal forces and solar radiation and electro-magnetic information from the Sun and other cosmic bodies.

83% of the biomass of the biosphere organisms is made up of plants. Soil bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms make up 16% and animals make up less than one half of 1% of the biomass of the biosphere. We humans are just a tiny fraction of the biomass of the animals. All animals live within a predominantly plant-based biosphere with planetary, photosynthetic biorhythms (the solar day, lunar month & seasonal year) involving the distribution of light from the Sun and Moon, all around the globe, to plants covering the Earth. Plants make the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat and most of the materials we use to manufacture the items that make our human society go around and around, spinning and orbiting all the way.

The biosphere is not just some thin layer of life growing on the surface of an otherwise dead planet. The whole of planet Earth is alive. The 3-phase hydrosphere and atmosphere flowing around the Earth constitutes the circulatory system of the biosphere. The solar system is alive, a photosynthetic organism. Plants are photosynthetic cellular beings. They need the Sun as much as they need the soil. Without plants there would be almost no oxygen in the atmosphere surrounding Earth. Light from the Sun and tidal forces from the Moon all contribute to the biosphere and the plant-modified atmosphere. The Earth’s atmosphere gets thinner and thinner the further you get away from the Earth’s surface, but I still like to think of the atmosphere of Earth as filling the celestial sphere. It’s also filled with the Sun and the Moon and all the forces and information associated with the relative movement and electro-magnetic emanation of these heavenly bodies surrounding the Earth.

The biosphere is alive and everything alive has rhythms of life, and the biorhythms of the biosphere are the astronomical, planetary rhythms of planet Earth; the solar day, lunar month & seasonal year. These planetary events are so important they form the basis of our human clock and calendar units. The solar day is a variable pulse of light followed by darkness, equivalent to the beating of our hearts; systole followed by diastole. The tidal forces and phases of the Moon saturate the Earth’s atmosphere, and are equivalent to the breath and blood flowing through our lungs. The alternation of the 4 seasons, two seasons out of phase at the north and south ends of Earth, is equivalent to the alternation of sympathetic and parasympathetic activity in the endocrine-circulatory system of our bodies.

Separate the Earth from the celestial sphere and you’ve torn the heart out of a living organism. Earth at the center of the celestial sphere is a necessary conceptual container for the biosphere. Separate the Earth from the celestial sphere and you also conceptually separate space and time. If you can’t see how how (planet-centered) space and time are clearly and obviously connected; if you can’t see and feel the celestial sphere all around you, then you will perceive yourself and others to be separate and disconnected from the whole, and your behavior will reflect this, and you will be indifferent to poverty and suffering among your fellow man, and the destruction of the rain forest and the senseless slaughter of other species and loss of ecological diversity and the self-destructive pollution of the biosphere will not move you. If you can’t see yourself as an integral, interconnected and interdependent part of the biosphere, then you’re actually a danger to yourself and others. You’ve got Biosphere Blindness.

Our situation now is like that of a society that has built up an extensive roadway and transportation system with color-coded, green & red lights for directing traffic installed at all the intersections. Unfortunately, only a tiny proportion of the population can see red and green and they are the ones who made and installed the traffic lights. And no one knows about color blindness, and no one understands why so many accidents are occurring, wreck after wreck after wreck, all around the globe, more and more frequently all the time. People are forced to assume it is simply willful destruction by a self destructive species and figure that nothing can be done about it, the destruction is accepted as a natural development, with a tragic but inevitable end in sight. If only someone could point out the almost universal color blindness, and maybe fix the problem.

Well, unlike color blindness, which is based on missing a molecular light-receptor in the eyes, Biosphere Blindness is based on missing an essential model of wholeness: Earth at the center of a time & date-telling celestial sphere. Learning, memory (personal history since the time of Copernicus), expectation and attention have all served to discredit and ignore the all important celestial sphere. MONAD restores the celestial sphere back to the center of our collective attention and awareness. (A 12 Step Program to Restore the Biosphere.)

MONAD can help, and you can help by telling others about MONAD. The MONAD Calendar-Clock app is in fact the antidote to Biosphere Blindness. The antidote is weak at this point but it can be made stronger with more programming to improve the app and make it more useful on a daily basis. For instance, by developing the event recording and scheduling program. Then every time you look to see what time or date it is; whenever you schedule an event or record a meeting, then you will be reminded of planet Earth at the center of a time & date telling celestial sphere, which also measures the biorhythms of the plant-based biosphere surrounding the planet we all live on and have out interdependent lives on. Earth, at the center of it all.