4 Videos on Scientific Astrology (2015)

Solar and planetary Magnetospheres are filled with morphogenetic information that extends to infinity. I suggest that there is no reason to discount the impact these planetary magnetosphere may have on planet Earth, and even our human bodies, except due to some inherent prejudice associated with the ancient science of astrology, which has long asserted that the planets have an impact on the affairs of man.

Scientific astrology is based on planetary magnetospheres. The four videos below were recorded about 5 years ago (2015) and my thinking has changed a bit since then but there is still a lot of good information here. Also, if you want to watch all the videos in the order they were produced, a series of 6 videos (Introducing the Calendar-Clock) was produced even earlier (2014), explaining the ideas in my book: Monadic Space-Time and the Calendar-Clock.

Video 7: Scientific Astrology. The Author explains how the various planets move on a Calendar-Clock, and how planetary magnetospheres are filled with form-generating information.

This video was produced about 2 and a half years before I met my programmer, long before the Monad app was in existence. At the beginning of the video, I show the original 2 minute animation of the Calendar-Clock produced by Jim Rodney, but then I refer to posters to further explain the ideas. It is so much easier to talk about this stuff by referring to the Monad Calendar-Clock app.

Video 8: The Endocrine-Circulatory System of Chakras. The Author introduces a scientific organization of the Chakras. The complementary nature of the Heart Chakra is thoroughly described.

Video 9: The “Physiology Version” of the Monad Calendar-Clock. The Author describes how Chakras effect the rhythmic manifestation of an organ system, and introduces Ida & Pingala.

Video 10: Cosmic Recapitulation. How cosmic evolution guides personal evolution, along with concluding remarks on all of the Chakras and their ruling planets.